Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Fountain

Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Fountain

Have you set your eyes on the Fountain, Colorado real estate market? Don’t overlook this city in El Paso County! There are several factors that make it an ideal choice for potential investors.

Real estate offers you the opportunity to both build and diversify your investment portfolio. With a rental property, you can get a stable and predictable cash flow on a periodic basis. In addition, owning real estate means you are allowed various tax deductions such as property maintenance, upkeep, improvements, and interest on mortgages.
Be sure to run the numbers when considering a property investment
Being your first time in the world of property investment it is only natural that you feel overwhelmed. Real estate is one of the most heavily regulated markets worldwide. In addition, there are several technical terms that you are yet to familiarize yourself with.

You will need the help of a reputable and experienced real estate company with a local presence in Fountain. Each real estate market is quite dynamic and must be handled with care. Demand for real estate is driven by several factors such as the current available stock, demographics, and economic growth.

The real estate experts at Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management can help you make a smart investment in the area. Our professionalism and quality of service has been a critical tool for investors in the past. You can get sound advice that will guide your choice as the new property investor in Fountain, Colorado.

Why Fountain, Colorado Real Estate?

The distribution of population foretells an increase in demand of space over the next few years. Approximately 35% of the population is between 25 and 40. The need for rental properties is bound to be on the rise as this age group start life in the city.

Fountain’s location is one of its strong selling points. Fountain is located just a stone’s throw away from Colorado Springs, but it has the character of a small, growing town. You can enjoy an urban feel while taking in some clean and fresh air.

Affordability of the housing options is another attractive characteristic of Fountain real estate. Compared to stocks, bonds and other financial investment alternatives, real estate requires a large initial investment outlay. Seasoned investors can attest to this.

Fountain’s median real estate price is almost equal to the median US house price. Statistics aside, housing in Fountain is affordable. With an affordable price, an increased demand for housing and prime location, Fountain is one city ready for the plucking.

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Tips for Investing in Fountain, Colorado Property

Tip #1: Identify your investment goals

An investment is the means to which you are to achieve your financial goals. Real estate investment must be in line with your goal and set with a time frame and expectations.

In consideration of one’s financial goal, the common investor chooses either to buy and lease or buy and sell. Buy and lease offers an investor regular passive income over the years. Buy and sell (short run) is used where the investor is expecting a surge soon and can make small to medium profit. Buy and sell (long-run) is centered on appreciation over time and can compliment an investor look for a retirement option.
Finding the right rental property is key to a successful investment

Tip #2: Pick the best area

This is a challenge for investors seeking a piece of the real estate market. Should they go for a new, upcoming property and go safe with one in an existing neighborhood?

New constructions and emerging neighborhoods have their own advantages. They offer more attractive prices and modern amenities and services. New neighborhoods have a number of unknowns since it is unsure how the market will react to them.

Existing neighborhoods have established a name for themselves and are often in demand by renters and investors. Expect to pay significantly more for them. The trade off in price comes with advantages in convenience, established improvements and peace of mind.

Tip #3: Understand the risks

No one wants to hear about risks when it comes to investment, but it is a reality. Before you append your signature to the sale agreement, it is crucial that you know the risks.

Some of the most notable risks include bad tenancy, variance in rates (for those with mortgages), increase in local taxes and changes in the local market economy.

This however should not discourage you from investing in Fountain real estate. If any investor ever focused on the risks, no one would have every bought an investment property. Real estate investment, like other alternatives, is not a guarantee. It is therefore recommended that you have all the facts at hand and have some extra finances to work with.

Tip #4: Outsource your property management

As a prospective landlord, you will oversee the day-to-day operations of your activity. All issues of water, electricity and other utilities are to be sorted out by you. The same goes for payment of taxes and other fees that will be required. All in all, it is quite the taxing requirement. That’s why many landlords opt to selecting a property management company to oversee all activities.

Property management is a vital service that you should consider. In addition to management, you can get a customized solution also offering marketing and advertising, screening of tenants among other services. With a property management service, you can sit home and sip some margaritas as you wait for the monthly influx of rent.

Blue Mountain Real Estate and Property Management is an experienced and professional real estate company operating in Fountain, Colorado. We offer quality service to all our clients and treat your property with the attention and care it deserves.
A professional property management company can help you with real estate investments

Final Thoughts

Fountain, Colorado real estate is a good option for investors seeking to build their portfolio. It is ideally located, has an enviable quality of life and is experiencing an increase in demand for space. With a smart choice, you can stake a claim in the city.

To enjoy the fruits of your investment purchase in Fountain, you will need to make a smart and enlightened choice. Work with the professional real estate advisors from Blue Mountain Real Estate and Property Management. Their experience will show in the sound advice that will be offered. After all, they are the best in Fountain real estate.

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